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We refurbish copper pots and pans by retinning the cooking surface with the traditional hand-wiped method. Any dents are repaired and the exterior copper is polished to a new shine. 

  • Two-week turn around

We are 'foodies' too and love to cook in copper.  We take great care of your prized pieces and pride ourselves on our knowledge and customer service.  Retinning copper cookware is our business and it is ALL we do!
It's really all about the food, isn't it? 

You choose the freshest ingredients and spend hours preparing meals, right?  The cookware you use should  be in excellent condition too  so that cooking and cleaning can go quickly and safely.
Today I received the large sauté pan and cover. Beyond looking like new, I note the apparent heavy application of tin to the lining and neat margins...
You are an old-school craftsman. Thank you again for such good work, promptly done.

- Alan,  NY
  Jan.'12 customer